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Prostate Electro Magnetic Heating(EMH) Therapy Apparatus


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Electromagnetic Prostate Treatment Therapy Apparatus Used in European, Asian, Middle East Countries.

The Principle of EMH Prostate Therapy Apparatus is Based on Two Known Natural Modalities:
Prostate Enlargement Electromagnetic Heating Therapy Apparatus.
  1. Heat at the Temperature 43C. ~ 47C - Killing of Abnormal Organic Cell in Prostate Gland.

  2. Magnetic Pulsation Polarity Field - Delivers Effect Such as Regeneration of Cells, Increase Blood Circulation and Relief of Muscle.

These Two Modalities ( Heating and Magnetic Therapy ) maximize the treatment benefit. Special Magnetic Probe is inserted into Anus and reaches the Prostate Gland. The emitting of Pulsating Magnetism and Heating (43C.- 47C.) from the probe gives effect such as "Thermo Massage" and kills the abnormal cells in the Prostate Gland.

  • Prostatitis, Prostate Gland Enlargement, BPH, Prostatomegaly.
  • Self - Treatment in Comfort at Home
  • No Side Effects, No Addiction

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Reported by Medical Doctors and researchers from many countries: Electromagnetic Heating Therapies in treatment with Prostate Enlargement Hyperplasia BPH and Prostatitis deliver a curative effect, clears Prostate Gland, decreased size of Prostate Gland, Pain and symptoms disappearance, Free Urination, Better Sex and Ejaculation.

In Russia, a few models of EMH Therapy devices are popular, and widely used by doctors for Urology and Gynecology treatments. But they are large in size (size of a television set), heavy (~ 30kg). As a result of high-tech Microcomputer Technology this EMH Apparatus Deliver: Small Size Heat Treatment Apparatus(portable), Low Weight, no Side Effects, Double Safety Treatment, User Friendly (simple to operate) in the  Comfort Of Home.
J2V Prostate Heating Treatment Apparatus.

  • Prostate ElectroMagnetic Heating Therapy Apparatus
  • Electro Magnetic & Heat, Treating Probe
  • Power Adapter Voltage
  • Frequency In-----AC 220V, 60Hz
  • Frequency Out----- DC 9V
  • Power 6W
  • Size 158 x 137 x 37(mm)
  • Weight 1300g
  • EMH Heat Therapy Apparatus
  • Power Supply Rechargeable
  • Battery ----------- D/C 7.2V
  • Battery Capacity (Working Mode) 120 Minutes
  • Treating Probe Double Safety: Bimetal & Temp. Fuse

  • The EMH Prostate Therapy Apparatus is consisted of Control-Processor with LCD Monitor which controls treatment modalities: Temperature, Magnetic Field and Time required for each individual patient, and Treating Probe (For Anus Insertion) to deliver modalities in to the area.
  • The Control-Processor designed on State Of The Art Microcomputer Digital Technology System.
  • The power source - Rechargeable Battery, recharges on fixed 9V DC from Power Adapter.
  • Treating Probe design with a Double Safety feature, Bi-metal and Temperature Fuse to prevent overheating.
  • The Power Adapter is using inlet AC. 220V. Outlet 9V DC for Battery charge only , but the EMH Prostate Therapy Apparatus powered by Battery DC 7.2V.
  • Used for Prostatitis, BPH Prostate Hyperplasia, Hypertrophy. Prostate Gland Enlarged).
  • Designed on a concept of Natural Functional Energies, helping the human body to heal it self.
  • Can be used semi-permanently.

Preparation Before Use
  • The Treating Probe should be Sanitized before and after each time using it .
  • Before using EMH Prostate Treatment Apparatus, you must charge the Rechargeable Battery, if needed.
  • Disconnect the Recharging Adapter from AC Power source and from the EMH Prostate Treatment Apparatus.
  • Consult your Doctor Before using EMH Prostate Treatment Apparatus.
Method Of Use
J2V Prostate Enlargement Electromagnetic Heating EMH Therapy Treatment Apparatus.
  • Charge the Rechargeable Battery for 8 hours with power adapter. (15 hours charge is needed the first time. The Rechargeable Battery is not charged by manufacturer).
  • After Finish Charging the Battery ("POW" indicator is "Green"), unplug the Adapter from AC Power source and from the Prostate Treatment Apparatus.
  • Turn the "On" "Off" switch to "On" position (In the back of the EMH Apparatus).
  • Plug in the Treating Probe Cord into the socket of the EMH Prostate Treatment Apparatus.
  • Press "Power" switch (showing the time at 20 min, temperature at 36C.).
  • Press "Function" Button and ":Up" or "Down" to set the Time you need (20 - 30min). The Time left is displayed on digital LCD all the time during treatment.
  • Press "Function" Button and "Up" or "Down" to set the Temperature you need (36C. - 46C.) The temperature is displayed on digital LCD all the time during treatment.
  • Lie down comfortably (on a side), lubricate the Treating Probe and around the Anus with Vaseline or Lubricating Jelly and put Treating Probe into the Anus slowly. (Don't put electric cord in the Anus).
  • Press the "Start" button. At this time, LCD shows "Time" and "Temp". The Temperature will be going up to the previously set temperature.
  • The temperature can be set any time during treatment. The most suitable temperature will be known after a few treatments. (The most functional temperature is above 43C. - 47C.) The first 2-3 days 38C. - 40C.
  • Be careful not to twist or disconnect Treating Probe Cord.
  • When treatment time is finished, Bell Sound rings.
  • If battery recharge is needed the Bell Sound rings.
  • Do NOT recharge the Battery During Treatment Time.
  • After using, sterilize Treating Probe and then keep it in clean, sterile place.
  • Can be used often to feel results fast !
Cautions of using the Prostate Treating Apparatus
  • Do NOT Connect the Power Adapter to Recharge the Rechargeable Battery During Treatment Time.
  • When Needed, Recharge The Rechargeable Battery Between Treatments
  • Do Not Allow Multiple Persons Using the Same Sterile Treating Probe (Hygienic Purposes) .
  • Do NOT Allow EMH Prostate Treating Apparatus to be Submerged in to Water (or water Spills on it) .
  • If EMH Prostate Apparatus submerged in the water or gets wet, do NOT use it (Major repair or replacement needed).
  • Do NOT Allow Kids to Play With Prostate Treating Apparatus.
  • Keep out of reach of children
Contra Indication
  • Those people who should not use the EMH Prostate Apparatus if there is presents of:
  • Colon Cancer
  • Cracks, Erosion, Polyps, Bleeding in Colon
  • Prostate Cancer
  • High fever patient
  • Perception obstacle patient
  • Skin disease patient
  • In case Bleeding Hemorrhoids or Bloody Stool

Patent Information

Patent office registration no: 130795 (Prostate gland treatment device)
Invention patent no: 314896
International patent application (U.S.A., JAPAN, EUROPE)
KR00085 Prostate gland treatment device

One of 100 Excellent goods Awards By patent office 2003
F.D.A Manufacturer Registration no: 9057267
ISO # 9002
CE # 0123 G2D 01 10 44211 002


Always consult with your physician before using these products. We do not make any diagnosis or give medical recommendations. These products are not intended to cure, heal, or prevent diseases.

Do not use magnets if you are fitted with pace maker, DEFIBRILLATOR or during pregnancy. The medical evaluation of your physician is advised at all times. Any self-help application is the responsibility of the user. Magnets can erase video, music, and computer data.

Consulting with a Doctor is always recommended.

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