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Company Profile

The Buyamag Inc. was founded in 1986. Our head office and Distribution Center is located at 2380 Camino Vida Roble, CA, 92011, USA.   This store location handles all retail sales, our USA and International shipments. Being based in Southern California places us in a true center of Medical Educational Simulators, Manikins and Models, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture Supply. Our company is a leading distributor and manufacturer of the finest quality Medical Educational Models, Health and Magnetic Therapy Products. For over 22 years we have worked tirelessly to reach our educational goals. We are certified by the International School of Magnetic Therapy in Canada. We are active members of North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy. We regularly attend numerous yearly conventions on Magnetic Therapy. At Buyamag Inc. we are constantly expanding our knowledge, exploring new products and reviewing studies made by medical doctors and health care professionals who practice magnetic therapy along with orthodox medicine. We remain in constant touch with medical professionals such as Ph.D. Dr. Ronald Lawrence, William Pawluk MD, Dr. Marko Markoff, Ph.D.. We have also selected a large library of scientific and written by scientists and doctors on the subject of magnetic therapy. These books are available in our catalog for the general public and professionals alike. Our books are a rich source of reference and educational information and are very popular with thousands of people who are searching for natural alternatives for a healthy, pain-free, energetic life.  We supply both the Medical Educational Colleges,  Schools, Dental Schools, Research Centers,  Pharmaceutical Research,  Legal presentations, doctors, general public and health care professionals.

  • Medical Educational Charts, Books
  • Anatomical Models, Simulators, Manikins
  • Health Care Professionals Supply
  • Chiropractic Supply
  • Physical Therapy Supply
  • Acupuncture Supply
  • Ergonomic Supply
  • Horse Health Supply
  • Water Magnetization Treatment
  • Biomagnetic Products
  • Massage Equipment Supply

Buyamag Inc.
 Anatomical Models Manikins Simulators, Acupuncture Supplies
Chiropractic Physical Therapy Health Products
2380-D Camino Vida Roble
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Toll Free: 800-686-5232
Phone: 760-804-1434 Fax: 760-804-0969



Do not use magnets if you are fitted with pace maker, DEFIBRILLATOR or during pregnancy. The medical evaluation of your physician is advised at all times. Any self-help application is the responsibility of the user. Magnets can erase video, music, and computer data. Buyamag Inc. does not make or imply any medical claims on products described.

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