Here’s some advice from a local course pro on how to improve your game:

Magnetic attraction

Aviara Golf Academy instructor Wayne Searle went to the recently-concluded PGA International Merchandise Show in Las Vegas expecting to see the latest developments in golf technology; the newest, hottest clubs and balls and the latest golf apparel. What he saw were magnets. Lots of them. "They were all over the place there," Searle said. "There were tons of them. "You didn't have to go to Las Vegas, however; to tap into magnetic therapy's growing acceptance in the golfing community. "We get a lot of golfers;' said Nick Podolsky; owner of the Magnetic Therapy Center in Encinitas. "Especially when you have a big tournament locally, like at La Costa. We have a flood of people." According to proponents of magnetic therapy; when placed directly on the skin, low-intensity magnets improve the immune system and metabolism by increasing blood circulation through stimulating cellular activity. The additional oxygen and nutrients brought to the area speed healing while boosting energy levels. While the scientific verdict is still out on the healing power of magnets - a recent study at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston supports the theory, but its results have not been replicated as of yet - there is no doubting their popularity. A handful of pros on the Senior PGA Tour; among tern Jim Colbert and Bob Murphy, have been using the products, strapping on belts lined with 16,900 gauss magnets ($105 at the Magnetic Therapy Center) and sleeping on magnetic sleeping pads. "There's a lot of people I know; who for whatever reason, feel they've really helped," Searle said.