Leucadia Here's a therapy that just might stick to you.

"There is actually nothing new about this," said Inga Podolsky of her Leucadia shop that sells magnetic therapy products.

The magnets are designed to combat arthritis. Podolsky sells specialized bracelets that a customer can wear around a trouble spot - a knee, ankle, wrist or the back.

The magnets are strategically placed so the attraction between them runs through the joint or pain. Magnets help to increase blood -circulation and restore the body's levels of iron.

Magnetic therapy is a preventive medicine and can stimulate the body's ability to resist diseases.

The use of magnets in health care has been documented for at least 3,000 years. "It's strange because it's like a well-forgotten old (remedy)." Podolsky, a 10 year Leucadia resident, "A lot of people - especially Europeans know this from their childhood. In some places it’s folklore."

When something hurts, it disrupts the body's balance. Many doctors use magnets as a safe alternative medicine. There are no documented side effects, but Podolsky recommends careful study before trying it.

"When I get new customers, I tell them to read first - don't buy," said Podolsky, who co-owns and operates the store with her husband. "We have a, lot of information here, and I tell them to read about magnets first."

A knee brace typically sells for $40 - a back brace for $60.

The Leucadia store also sells everyday products that have magnets worked into them - car seats, backrest's, bracelets, necklaces and toothbrushes. - One of the biggest sellers is a Set of magnet-laden inserts for shoes. A person's connection to earth is usually through the feet – the magnets help alleviate stress and then travel up through the rest of the body.

Magnetized patients have different reactions – some subscribe to it, others write it off as another miracle-cure that doesn't work. Nearly everyone feels an immediate sense of warmth.

"Some are dramatic, some take a few moths to feel anything." is how Podolsky describes her customers.

She says a lot of people walk into her store looking for a new cure - then they are shocked to see how extensive this field is.

"People say they know a lot about it." said Podolsky. But then hey are surprised with the wealth of information."

And if wearing –magnets isn't enough to pull you in - try the magnet- mattress. The twin-size bed boasts 162 carefully organized magnets that soothe your body while you sleep.